Why should we build a new tool ?

Your team defines the level of success your project will achieve. From Vostok (the first flight in space) and Apollo 11 (the first step on the moon) to giants like Apple, Tesla, Slack, and Stripe, all these dreams became realities thanks to the hard work of incredible teams. Hiring exceptional talent is the most impactful action a leader or recruiter can take to propel their business forward.

However, recruiting has undergone a radical transformation.

In the past, posting a job description on your career page or a job board was sufficient to attract a large pool of candidates. Back then, the challenge lay in managing the applications to make the right hire.

Today, that approach falls short. The best candidates are sought after; they no longer need to apply for jobs. Inbound recruiting is becoming obsolete. As a result, modern recruiters must adopt new methods such as outbound recruitment (sourcing and cold outreach) and building partnerships. This entails additional work, often tedious and manual, and friction caused by the need to use various tools (ATS, email automation, spreadsheets, CSV imports/exports, calendar reminders, etc.). The hiring landscape has evolved, but software solutions have not kept pace.

What is the vision of Crew ?

Crew is the Outbound Recruiting Platform that enhances your Applicant Tracking System by creating a sourcing-adapted playground and intelligently automating your workflows.

Our goal is to strike the perfect balance between increasing productivity and fostering meaningful human connections. We achieve this by automating low-value tasks, allowing recruiters to focus on what truly matters: connecting top talent.

Empowering Recruitment Teams

Frictionless Workflows

We are dedicated to eliminating the friction that has long plagued the recruiting process. With streamlined workflows and automation, we empower recruiters to be more productive and impactful.

Personalization Matters

In a world inundated with messages, we emphasize personalization. Crew equips recruiters to craft tailored interactions that create connections that resonate.

Nurturing Relationships

Building lasting candidate relationships is at the core of our mission. We provide the tools to nurture talent, transforming prospects into valued team members.

Team-Centric CRM

We offer more than just software; we serve as your team's compass. Crew fosters collaboration, aligns objectives, and amplifies your team's potential to discover hidden talent.

Performance at Your Fingertips

We empower you with intuitive tools to organize, track, and measure performance effortlessly. Crew serves as your command center, providing insights and clarity as you strive for excellence.

Creating Synergies

We champion the art of synergy, enabling teams to coordinate efforts, share insights, and build on each other's strengths. Together, you transcend individual limits.

"If you aspire to reach the moon, you will need the best Crew."

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