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It takes a team to win the talent war. Crew brings everyone into the hiring process, from sourcing to closing. So you can hire the A-Players your moonshot mission needs, much faster!
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One-Click sourcing,
from everywhere

Add candidates from top platforms (LinkedIn, GitHub...)
Find emails, phones, social links
Contact and follow-up from extension
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Automate your outreach, while staying hyper-personal

Send multichannel sequences
Customize before hitting send
Write on behalf of teammates
Screenshot of a career page made with Crew app, recruiting CRM

Build & share a beautiful career page in minutes

Generate custom URLs
Create personalized forms
Track candidates sources
Crew chrome extension made for LinkedIn scraping and messaging

The missing half of Linkedin

Bring your CRM on top of LinkedIn.
Get full context, where you need it
Update, comment, or add reminders on the spot
Sync your inbox to keep everyone in the loop
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Involve managers and interviewers

Recruiting is a team sport. From referring candidates to conducting interviews, Crew helps your team getting more done in less time.
Scorecards in Crew app, recruiting CRM

Structure your interview process

Plan your interviews
Let interview notes
Define scorecards
Share teams' feedback
Screenshot of analytic section in Crew app, recruiting CRM. Passthrough rates, time to hire, time to fill positions, source and rejection tracking

Get better with analytics

Top of the funnel metrics
Pass-through rates
Time to hire & time to fill
Source & rejection tracking

All-in-one, frictionless.

One source of truth for the whole team, always up to date.
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After Crew
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Outreach automation

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Use our templates library to quickly get started and hire like the best talents.
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What people say about us

efounders logo
“Crew has replaced our ATS and the slew of other tools we used to source and nurture top talent. No more time wasted switching tools, I’ve got everything I need in the one place”
Profile picture of Adélaïde Eudier, efounders' talents director
Talent Director
Kairn app logo
“The biggest strength of Crew is that the team managed to turn a powerful product into a super easy to use one. Oh, and can I add that the design is so pretty!”
Profile picture of Patricia Bernasconi, CEO of Kairn
Talent Acquisition Manager
Folk logo
“For a company that is starting up, or a small to medium startup of less than 200-250 employees, I don’t see a better solution. There is almost no alternative. Other tools are way too heavy & complex to use at these stages.”
Profile picture of Thibault Elziere, CEO and co-founder of Folk
Talent Acquisition Lead & Recruiter
la fabriq logo
“The Chrome extension is one of my favorite! I use it all the time, whenever I come across - or I’m sent - a great profile, 1 click, and it’s added to the CRM.”
Profile picture of Adélaïde Eudier, efounders' talents director
Co-Founder & Product
Kairn app logo
“As sales experts, we quickly noticed that Crew combines the functionality of several top-notch sales tools into one. For example, we often use separate Chrome extensions, enrichment tools, and outreach automations in sales, but with Crew, we were surprised to see that these capabilities are built from the start, saving recruiters years of maturity time.”
Profile picture of Patricia Bernasconi, CEO of Kairn
COO and Co-Founder
Folk logo
“Crew is engineered like a lightning-fast productivity tool - finally giving recruiters the superpowers they deserve.”
Profile picture of Thibault Elziere, CEO and co-founder of Folk
CEO & Co-Founder
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A frictionless

We made sure leaving your tool stack is no further than a few clicks away. We take care of the rest, enjoy the view.

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